The Health Works of Scott Rocklage

Dr. Scott Rocklage began his career in medicine by earning a B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He continued his higher learning by earning a PhD in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While here he learned and was mentored by Nobel Prize winner, Richard Schrock.

But while his graduation technically ended his higher education, he has remained committed to furthering it for the rest of his career and life.

He has been in the healthcare industry for over three decades. He has done a vast multitude of things throughout his career. He is especially proud of how in 1994 he co-founded Cubist Pharmaceuticals, serving as its President and then CEO until 2003. Learn more about Scott Rocklage:

He considers his best professional move to have come in 2003 when he joined the 5AM Ventures team, becoming its Managing Partner in 2004. He has since done much to lead the company and world into new healthcare frontiers. He was also involved in the leadership of EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals for most of 2016. Read more: Scott Rocklage | LinkedIn and Idea Mensch | Scott Rocklage

In addition to his leadership role at 5AM, Rocklage also currently sits as Chairman of the Board of Relypsa, Novira, Rennovia, Kinestral, and Cidara. He has been the Chairman of the Board at Cidara Therapeutics and Novira Therapeutics since 2013. Rocklage is the inventor of co-inventor of more than 30 U.S. Patents.

He is also the author of more than 100 peer-reviewed works. Rocklage has more ideas that he fully intends to implement. And the health industry fully expects him to attain these goals.

Eric Lefkofsky Turns Data-driven Mind Towards Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is a big shot in the tech world. He got his start soon after graduating from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. After two years spent getting his Juris Doctor, he entered the dot-com world where he made a name for himself and more information click here.

You probably have done business with one of his original companies. He is one of the men who founded Groupon. He is also a founding partner of Lightbank which is a venture fund that invests in disruptive technologies. Eric Lefkofsky has already achieved financial security through technological ventures and now he is turning his attention to cancer and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky founded Tempus to fight cancer with analytics. He founded the company soon after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Most people are shocked to find out that more than 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer at some point during their lives. With cancer affecting so many people, Eric Lefkofsky thought the medical community would have great patience data on the subject. Unfortunately, the medical community just started to use digital databases to keep track of cancer data.

Tempus was started to compile cancer patient data as well as molecular data on cancer itself. The company started by digitizing as much patient data as it could. It even came up with a software program that could recognize a doctors handwriting in order to digitize patient notes. That was one of the startling things that Eric Lefkofsky during this venture — the majority of patient data was handwritten into physical folders and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

But the most cutting edge part of this new company is the molecular and genetic data it aims to collect. Most oncologists would agree that molecular data is a new frontier in battling cancer and could be the key to curing the disease. By breaking down genetic data of the cancer itself researchers and doctors can better understand the disease and how to specifically treat each occurrence. One day, Tempus will have an exhaustive database of molecular data pertaining to each particular cancer as well as genetic profiles for patients in order to tailor individual treatments and more information click here.

How End Citizens United is Helping People

The idea behind the Citizens United law is that corporations are now able to donate to campaigns in the same way that citizens are able to donate money. They do not have restrictions on how much money they can spend and that is something that they are able to use to their advantage. They can donate to candidates who are going to provide them with the things that they want instead of candidates who are going to be able to provide the true best choice for the people of the United States. Since the Citizens United law passed, there have been many issues with the way that corporations are able to donate money and that has made it harder on the citizens to get the money that they need to be able to compete with corporations when they are working toward a goal for their chosen candidate.


One of the most important goals that End Citizens United has is to make sure that the industry is able to function in the right way again. To make this happen, End Citizens United has to eliminate the law of the citizens united. They need to make sure that citizens can vote again in the right way and that they can get the best experience possible when they are donating to candidates. They should not have to compete against billion dollar corporations just to get the candidate that they want and donate the amount of money that will actually make a difference in their political careers.


Since End Citizens United has first started, they have gained a huge amount of support. They have worked hard to raise money and they have actually gotten a lot of people on board with their mission. One of the things that they have done is raise a lot of money. They were projected to make around four million dollars in the first year that they were helping citizens but they have now made over 35 million and are expected to make more in the coming months. They are an organization that has blown up and has gotten better for people who are using it.


While End Citizens United continues to help their supporters and the people who are a part of the organization, they do what they can to make things better for the people who want to put money into funds for their favorite candidates. End Citizens United is going to continue offering that support and doing what they can to make things better for people in the United States. They want to do everything possible to bring change and to show people what they can do to make their experiences better while doing different things with the politics.

Why UKV PLC Consider Wine Investing A Worthy Risk

While a few years ago people were skeptical about wine investment, there are a lot of factors today that have made it a reality and simpler to do. For instance, there are investment funds that are exclusively focused on wines as well as a wide range of wine stock exchanges that are full of budding potential gems. There are also a number of professional storage solutions that are ready to help you protect your wine assets as they build equity.

Again, the demand of wine is always high—even in uncertain economic times. In fact, fine wine stocks have secured top returns in the past few years, and have outpaced other stocks, including Art and Gold. Another great benefit of wine investment is full ownership. Like any other prime property, superior wines from high-end chateaux often retain their intrinsic value for years. This simply means that they are tangible assets that you not only own but also control. Finally, when you invest in wine, you don’t need to worry about them being stolen or damaged as most reputable wine investment companies will often insure them fully at replacement value.

More than ever before, therefore, financial advisers across the globe are constantly urging their clients to focus on this lucrative investment vehicle. But how do you begin investing in wine? Well, if you are new to wine investment, you need a sound advice from a wine investment firm or consultant who understands well the industry.

This is exactly where UKV PLC comes in. UKV is a UK-based wine brokerage with highly experienced professionals who are at all times ready to oversee the acquisitions and subsequent sale of some of the top investment grade wines globally.

The company has outstanding personal service. Their representatives can either meet you in their Surrey office, London or at your home. If you are loyal customer, their dedicated consultants will even update you on some of the recent trends and price movements in the market.

Put simply, there is no better to invest in your future by investing in UKV PLC‘s fine wines than now. You will surely reap big just in a few years.

A Review of the Growth of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a revered advisory corporation. Over the years, the entity has been offering their clients with a wide range of financial solutions. Moreover, Equities First Holdings provides margin loans and innovative shareholder financing services to enable individuals to meet both their personal and financial goals against traded stock. The company has become one of the premier international financial corporations. Through its leaders, Equities First Holdings has managed to enter into long term strategic partnerships with renowned companies, including leading investment banks, top international law firms, and the largest custodian banks in the world.

Initially, the company was known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited. After undertaking a transaction with the help of leading lawyers from Morgan Lewis, the name was changed to Equities First Holdings. The president of Equities First Holdings noted in 2014 the company reported the highest growth given that they had acquired another corporation. Through this acquisition, the company added five more offices to cater for clients in Asia, Australia, United State of America, Europe and more information click here.

Presently, Equities First Holdings is located in London, United Kingdom. Over the years, the firm has managed to close more than 700 transactions. Owing to the increased demand for its products and services, the company resolved to expand its offices to different parts of the world, including China. Today, corporation has a large client base. All these branches are doing well on their own, as they are slowly becoming independent. The corporation has worked closely with different companies, including Paysafe Group LLC. This is after Equities First Holdings entered into an agreement with Mr. Joel Leonoff, the CEO of the Paysafe Group LLC.


Who would benefit the most by working with Equities First Holdings?

Equities First Holdings’ success is anchored on its talented employees and world-class products and services. By issuing stock based loans, Equities First Holdings has helped rich individuals and corporations to develop their working capabilities. These loans help individuals and businesses to enhance their working capital. The company is credited for providing individuals and corporations in need of fast working capital with loans. Equities First Holdings has a good reputation of offering consumer-oriented services. In addition, the company’s transaction processes are completed within a week.

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George Soros Generous Acts In Advancing Liberalism

George Soros is a longtime supporter of social affairs around the world. His interest arose from his hard background growing up in a Nazi ruled state. Since he escaped the regime with his family and acquired an education, he gained an inclination to help communities undergoing tough times conservative rules.

George donates huge amounts to organization pushing for humanitarian standards. In 2015, the self-made billionaire did not shy away from the civil war picking up in Ferguson. His empathetic side pushed him to give away $33 million through Open Society Foundation to the Black Lives Matter movement. The money went into helping the participants put up stronger protests against unfair civil and social forums. The Ferguson protest particularly protested against the killing of an innocent black male by a security administrative in the city. George and the organization’s leaders hoped to push for reforms in the judicial system to attain justice for the family’s victim and eventually in the excessive force applied by security staff. Read more about George’s life story at

George Soros’ Open Society Foundation thrives on trying to afford every person on the planet a better life. The organization’s spokesperson Kenneth Zimmerman stated that the team has an unwavering focus to chip into the efforts of liberal movements across the world. He explained that they continuously search for worthwhile foundations in need of extra funds and help them manifest their goals for the betterment of the world.

George Soros liberalism spreads beyond philanthropy and spills into the political affairs of some of the most powerful rulers of the world. George Soros’ name is not foreign to Americans due to his active participation in political campaigns through Super PACS. In 2004, George donated more than $20 million in an attempt to defeat President George W. Bush’s reelection. After failed efforts, he retreated from the US political scene and got back to helping his home continent progress socially.

In 2016, the billionaire reemerged with a renewed spirit to ensure that Americans and the world receive a fair and just leadership in the next president’s tenure. He rallied behind Hilary Clinton and spoke openly and vehemently against Donald Trump, whom he believed to be in bed with ISIS. George’s contributions to the national campaign totaled $27 million when added up with the money that went to super PACS. The PACS were geared in different courses such as the free to choose birthing rights for women, increasing number of immigrant voters and pushing through Hilary’s campaign mottos. Visit Project Syndicate to learn more about George.

Since his first donation in 1980, George has not held back when giving to help political prisoners and attorney from around the world. Other areas of his interest include eradication of poverty, advancement of education and welfare of children and women. He stated that despite the negative limelight of his efforts, he will continue to improve the world with his platform and authority.

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Ricardo Tosto Tries to Be a Positive Influence

Being an attorney in Brazil is something that is not easy to do. It takes a lot of schooling and being able to pass a test but it is often worth it for the attorneys. As one of the highest paid professions in all of Brazil, attorneys know that the hard work is worth it and that they will be able to make a difference with the career that they have. It is something that has given them a chance to try new things and to do more with the options that they have. Attorneys in Brazil are also very well respected. Since there are only around 600,000 attorneys in the whole country, they do not have a lot of competition that they have to go up against if they want to be able to expand their business or do different things with the options that they have and more information click here.

When Ricardo Tosto first started as an attorney, he did not have a lot of competition. He took this and ran with it, making his firm much larger than what it was in the beginning. Even though Ricardo Tosto started out small, the attorney market in Brazil allowed him to expand to new levels so that he would be able to make things better for the people who he worked with and in the areas of law that he was willing to practice. It was something that set him apart from other attorneys and allowed him the chance to grow more options for his business and learn more about Ricardo.

While Ricardo Tosto was doing all that he could to grow his business, he tried to make sure that it was successful, too. He took on many different types of clients and that gave him a chance to learn more about the different laws in the areas that he was in. Since Ricardo Tosto was confident in the abilities that he had with every type of law, he knew that it was something that would change when he was working to make his own career better. He also knew that he would be able to help people. This all led to him being able to represent huge companies and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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Getting to Know Arthur Becker

Madison Partners is the institution that Arthur Becker is currently working with as a managing partner. He is currently working on a project at 465 Washington Street where he is building condos for sale. Each condo is expected to sell at $52.5 million upon completion. Arthur Becker began his career as a financial expert before switching to technology. He started his life in the field of technology by buying tech companies back in 2000. Most of his investments are found in New York and Florida. He has also managed to work with rich billionaires such as Kevin Maloney and Michael Stern. Some of his successful ventures with these billionaires are the townhouses at 10 Sullivan Street and 111 West 57th Street.

For the better part of his adult life, Arthur Becker was married to Vera Wang. However, they broke up some few years ago. According to NY Daily News, Vera had a lot of influence in his life as she managed to make him to be part of the fashion industry. Arthur Becker worked as a senior advisor for her business for over seven years. In his illustrious career, Arthur Becker has worked with other companies such as Zinio where he was the chief executive officer and Navisite where he was also the chairman and the chief executive officer.

Some of his hobbies include collecting ancient currencies and traveling. His earliest investment was in a Macadamia nut farm back in Hawaii. He invested around $4 million and made an extra $ 6 million at the end of the project. He says that this is a project that taught him the importance of perseverance.

Talking about his life in a recent The Real Deal interview, Arthur Becker said that he is influenced by knowledgeable people who challenge him. He also said that he is still fascinated by the developments that are taking place in the biotech industry. Despite having no knowledge about the medical field, Arthur Becker says that he is interested in the developments that are taking place in the field of cancer. He openly admits that he has tried many businesses in his entire life, some of which have failed.

Rick Smith Of Securus

Rick Smith serves as the CEO of Securus, and he has done quite a good job creating a strong company. He has spent many years making a strong company, and wants to ensure that the company gives the best services to all customers. Someone who has questions about working with this company may read this article, and they will see the incredible work that Rick has done.

#1: The Company’s Services

The company’s services include phone calls to prison, and they have created new technology for the communications industry. There are many different people who enjoy using the Securus system because they want to reach family members in jail. They may call on the Securus system at any time, and they will find that the system is quite secure. There are many people who will call because they need to reach family in prison, and they take advantage of a strong visitation program.

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#2: Securus Video

Securus video visitation was created because they wanted all their customers to see inmates in jail. There are many people who will find that it is easy to see the people they love through Securus, and they will notice that they have a clear sound on the visitation call. They have placed cameras in the jails around the country that have partnered with them, and they have been quite decisive about helping each jail grow their communications system.

#3: New Tech

There is new technology from Securus that Rick Smith has helped created, and it includes a voice recognition program that helps detect voices that are used on the line. The line will be checked for any criminals that may be calling prisons, and this is a simple way for people to catch criminals who are using Securus. Rick wants to partner with law enforcement because he wants to see justice done, and he believes that it is much easier for the authorities to do their jobs with this software.

#4: Customer Care

The customer care team at Securus is quite strong, and Rick has deployed it to ensure that all his customers may receive the help they need. These people want to ensure that their accounts are in good standing, and they cannot do that until they have called the company for help. Everyone who calls Securus may have a call placed for them, and they will find that the company helps them add new people to their call logs. Follow Rick’s profile at

Rick Smith has done many hours of work to ensure that Securus is improving. Rick Smith Securus is growing quite a lot, and it is strong than ever because of what he has done. His leadership has brought more people together than ever through Securus.

Dr. Scott Rocklage: A Hands-On Risk Taker

When first starting out in their careers, young professionals are thirsty for words of wisdom from today’s most successful business people. Many examine the lives and accomplishments of those who they admire, and there is no question that plenty of folks are inspired by Dr. Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures. At first glance, it’s easy to assume that Rocklage achieved his current success in life strictly by working hard and by persisting in his endeavors. However, those things only got him so far. In his current role, in particular, Rocklage has learned that you have to be willing to take risks to get where you’d like to be in life.

Before delving into the accomplishments and biography of Scott Rocklage, let’s take a look at what life is like for him these days. At 61 years of age, Rocklage still fills most of his days with work-related activities. He is simply so passionate about what he does that he can’t rest on his laurels. He and his wife of more than 30 years, Patty, have homes in Sudbury, MA, which is near Boston, and in Jupiter, FL. They have three adult children who are all successful in their own right and learn more about Scott.

Scott Rocklage understands the importance of achieving a work-life balance. While many would assume that he focuses far more on work than on other things, the truth is that he finds plenty of time to kick back, relax and have fun. In particular, he and Patty enjoy golfing. Near their home in Florida, they spend many hours hitting the links over at the Loxahatchee Club. People wonder how he finds the time to do these things, but it really isn’t a huge mystery. Rocklage has long placed a top priority on being organized and on top of his schedule. He feels that this tendency has served him well throughout his life and more information click here.

In addition to being organized and to focusing on prioritization, Scott Rocklage believes that one has to take risks to get anywhere in life. However, these risks should be calculated. You only need to look at Rocklage’s career trajectory to see this concept in action. The entrepreneur started out by laying a strong educational foundation for himself. After excelling in high school, Rocklage attended the University of California at Berkeley, where he graduated with a bachelor of science in chemistry. He then went on to earn his PhD in chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he worked under the highly esteemed Richard R. Schrock.

Now that he had the educational credentials that he needed, Scott Rocklage embarked on his actual career. Early on, he thought that he wanted to focus on science and medicine, so he accepted a position leading a small research team whose focus was primarily on homogeneous catalysis. This was a great start, but he also realized fairly quickly that strict bench chemistry wasn’t quite his thing. To make a bigger impact, he decided that he needed to switch over to the business side of science.

A true entrepreneur, Scott Rocklage has enjoyed a very fascinating career as both a businessman as a researcher and scientist. His unique strengths have allowed him to constantly attain new heights of success. He’s held many research and development positions, including at Catalytica. He has served as the chairman and CEO of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and as the president and CEO of Nycomed Salutar, Inc., a diagnostic imaging company. He is also the former executive chairman of Ilypsa, Miikana and Semprus. These days, he serves as board chairman of Rennovia, Relypsa, Novira, K2 and Kinestral and also serves on the boards of EPIRUS, Achaogen and Pulmatrix.

Now, Dr. Scott Rocklage serves as a managing partner of 5AM Ventures, a venture capital firm. In 2003, he joined on as a venture partner. He progressed to being a managing partner the following year and hasn’t looked back since. The firm specializes in investing in and supporting non-traditional approaches to diagnosing, preventing and treating various medical conditions. Rocklage’s connections with many medical and science firms helps enormously, so 5AM Ventures is able to accomplish much of what it sets out to do. The work is ideal for Dr. Rocklage, as it draws from so many of his unique experiences.


What does the future hold for Dr. Scott Rocklage? He is still young in the scheme of things, so odds are that he will continue to work for 5AM Ventures for some time. Given the shape that his career has taken through the years, Rocklage will more than likely branch out into at least a few different things before his career is through. There is also absolutely no doubt that he will continue to exhibit the commitment, dedication and innovation that have served him so well throughout his life. One thing is for sure: Nothing is ever boring for Dr. Rocklage and Scott’s lacrosse camp.