Who Will Luiz Carlos Trabuco Appoint To Succeed Him As CEO?

After the announcement that Lazaro Brandao, the longtime chairman of the Grupo Bradesco board, will step down, it was announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the current CEO, will replace him as chairman. This has given rise to a great deal of speculation concerning who will, in turn, replace Trabuco Cappi as CEO of the most important financial institution in Brazil.

Trabuco Cappi says he will promote from within

Despite some early rumors to the contrary, Trabuco Cappi has explicitly stated that he will promote from within the company ranks. This means that there are only seven potential candidates, all current vice-presidential-level executives with the bank. While it is possible that any of the current vice presidents could be appointed the next CEO, those close to the process believe that there are really only two candidates that Trabuco Cappi is likely to be seriously considering.

The first is Alexandre Gluher, the current risk management chief at the bank. Gluher helped the firm transition through the period following the acquisition of HSBC Brazil. The complex deal was apparently facilitated by Gluher’s mergers and acquisitions knowledge and his ability to keep the bank’s books within acceptable risk limits. Gluher, at 58 years old, is also one of the most senior executives. This, combined with his proven track record of accomplishment at the bank, leads some analysts to conclude that he has a very strong chance of becoming the next CEO.

However, others disagree. They point to Mauricio Minas, the 57 year old chief technology officer for the firm. Among his many accomplishments, Minas has overseen the development of the Next online banking platform, a system that has proven to be so successful that the bank has actually spun it off into its own company. Minas was also the main person responsible for guiding the process of integrating all of HSBC Brazil’s financial technologies into those of Bradesco. This considerable feat was a crucial part of making the acquisition work, with Minas having won the respect and approval of Trabuco Cappi.

But those who know Trabuco Cappi and his thought processes well acknowledge that what will likely turn out to be the decisive factor in his decisions of who to promote will turn out to be his strong belief in and advocacy of technology, particularly that the ability of the bank to continue innovating with technological products will largely determine its future success. In this light, it is easy to presume that Minas will very likely be selected as the next CEO of Bradesco.

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But Trabuco Cappi has said that he will take his time and that the decision will not be rushed in any way. The head banker has until March of 2018 to announce his decision. In the meantime, he will hold both the office of CEO and that of chairman.

A legend departs

As the story of the next CEO is just at its beginning, that of the legendary chairman is nearing its end. Lazaro Brandao, at 91 years old, is one of the oldest chairpersons of any major corporation in the world. He has been with the firm for an incredible 75 years, joining in 1943, at the age of just 16.

Even as Brandao nears the age of 92, some members of the board and shareholders are uncomfortable with his departure. The chairman has overseen the period of the most massive growth in the history of the bank, with the stock price increasing by over 300 times since he took over the chairmanship in 1990.

But Brandao has assured all stakeholders that Trabuco Cappi is fully qualified and the best man to succeed him.

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Rights’ Groups Banding Together to Take On the World’s Most Pressing Problems

With new attacks on civil, human, and migrant rights seeming to come on a daily basis, it’s difficult to imagine any one organization being able to tackle these issues by themselves. The most effective activist groups are actually part of larger networks, facilitating the spread of ideas, campaigns, and lobbying efforts with unity and precision.

Global examples include the Open Society Foundations, which work to advance democratic values in over 120 countries, and Avaaz, a civic organization which fights corruption and human rights abuses in over 30 countries.

Locally targeted organizations like the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund harness the power of grassroots activism and a network of likeminded groups to advocate for migrants’ rights and stop the abuses of power that are rampant in the border state of Arizona.

Founded in 1979, Open Society operates through locally governed foundations, which disperse grant funding to institutions, programs and initiatives that help maintain healthy civil societies.

Their goals include enabling citizens to better stand up for themselves against corrupt governments and authorities, as well as preserving protections like freedom of speech, access to basic needs, and the universal right to a public education. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Recently, the foundation turned a greater focus to the United States, where a rise in police brutality, civil injustice, and race-fueled hate crimes prompted them to invest in violence prevention and Democratic political candidates in the 2016 election.

Also known for its global network, the Avaaz community is comprised of internet activists and volunteers campaigning in 15 languages on six continents. Their legal team uses lobbying efforts and targeted litigation to prevent abuses of power, fight financial corruption, and persuade governments to act on issues like climate change and the Syrian refugee crisis.

In 2015, they raised $500,000 to support the Migrants Offshore Aid Station, providing life-saving assistance for refugees crossing the Mediterranean to escape war in the Middle East. Online public petitions, videos, and email-your-leader tools help them combat dangerous legislation by empowering millions to make their voices heard.

The Frontera Fund in Arizona works on two levels, on one hand distributing much-needed funds to migrants’ rights organizations to benefit the Hispanic community in the border state, which has often been the target of police mistreatment, including unlawful arrests and detainment in inhumane conditions.

On a national level, the Fund, which was founded by Phoenix journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin in 2013, works with allies like the ACLU and United We Dream to raise awareness, support immigration reform legislation, and mobilize the migrant community and its allies for political campaigns both on the web and in the streets. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/blogs/az-aclu-honors-new-times-founders-jim-larkin-and-mike-lacey-as-civil-libertarians-of-the-year-6500737

Organizations like the Frontera Fund, Avaaz, and Open Society that use a multi-pronged, multi-faceted, creative approach bring advocates of many different causes together by recognizing that they actually fight a common struggle, and amplify their voices to ensure maximum exposure.

In a world of increasing division and marginalization, embracing intersectionality and using the web to create powerful networks of human rights groups, local nonprofits, and individual activists.

What Established and Budding Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Sheldon Lavin’s Leadership Tenure at OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a financial consultant and entrepreneur. He is the CEO and owner of one of the most reputable food processing companies in the world, OSI Group. As he pursued his tertiary education, he envisioned himself as an executive officer of a business venture that he owned.


Career highlights

Lavin made his debut in the food processing industry working as a financial consultant for Otto & Sons. The company, which is currently known as OSI Group, was owned by Otto Kolschowsky. The Kolschowsky family ran it. It also had its headquarters in Chicago, Il. Lavin’s involvement with the firm gave him exposure on how to run a business venture. Years later, he obtained the full ownership rights of OSI Group and read full article.


OSI Group

After becoming OSI’s owner, Sheldon Lavin had the vision to grow the firm into a world-class food processing venture. Today, the venture maintains its operations in more than 70 food processing facilities within 17 countries. The operations involve producing protein products such as baked goods, vegetable items, and sauces and learn more about Sheldon Lavin.

Sheldon Lavin uses a unique leadership approach as OSI’s CEO. His approach entails ensuring that the firm operates as a family in compliance with budgetary limits, levels of responsibility and other professionalism rules. Lavin is also driven by innovation and commitment to quality service provision and Sheldon Lavin’s lacrosse camp.

Lavin’s vision for the future of OSI Group entails enabling the company to have profitable growth. Lavin also believes that time will come when he will retire. He is hopeful that OSI will continue to thrive based on the success blueprints he laid when he served as CEO. According to him, OSI Group can be categorized as an entrepreneurial firm because of its business-oriented food processing endeavors and Sheldon on Facebook.


Charity work

Sheldon Lavin has also made a name for himself in the philanthropy world because of his passion for supporting the communities around him. He usually provides financial support to Ronald McDonald House Charities and other non-profit organizations. He participates in philanthropy through OSI Group. Lavin believes that philanthropy is a way of enabling needy communities to meet their day-to-day goals and http://www.amickfarms.com/corpresponsibility.html.

Equities First Holdings, LLC – London, UK

Equities First Holdings, headed by Al Christy Jr. serving as the president, was founded in 2002. Headquartered in Indianapolis, the company also has a London office to serve the UK fraternity.

The firm is involved in securities lending services with precision to individuals and corporate investors. As of Nov. 2016, the firm had made over 700 transactions totaling to over $1.5 billion.

Unlike traditional forms of lending, this company evaluates future performances and currents risks associated with treasuries, bonds, and stocks, which it uses to determine whether the amount applied for is eligible for lending. Equities First Holdings has continued to grow its customer base by opening new offices in other continents, including Asia and Australia and more information click here.

Doe Deere And The Process Of Creating Lime Crime Cosmetics

Lime Crime cosmetics founder Doe Deere, the “Queen of Unicorns”, has been passionate about makeup and bright colors her entire life. Born in Russia and raised in New York City, she has been involved in business from a very young age. As a school girl in Russia, she sold temporary tattoos to her classmates. As a teenager in New York while studying at Fashion Institute of Technology, she designed her own clothing, created a website and offered them for sale. She also started a rock band with a now husband, recorded several albums and did countless shows around New York City.


Doe Deere has never been shy about pursuing her dreams. She learned from each foray into business and it’s made her the businesswoman she is today. The birth of Lime Crime cosmetics in 2008 is the perfect example of how Doe Deere takes her destiny into her own hands. When she couldn’t find the neon-bright makeup she wanted to perform with her rock band, she decided to make her own. She learned how to produce makeup by hand and showed the products she made to visitors to her online makeup tutorials. They encouraged her to start selling it and she did. That’s how Lime Crime was born. Learn more: http://guestofaguest.com/los-angeles/interview/interview-lime-crimes-doe-deere-on-how-to-make-your-dreams-come-true


Always confident about her talent and willing to work hard, Doe Deere has been able to combine the lessons she learned selling temporary tattoos, music and fashion with her internet marketing skills to make Lime Crime cosmetics an international phenomenon. The brand offers lipstick, eyeshadow, rouge, blush, nail polish, hair dye and more in a kaleidoscope of colors. Even though the experts told her the bright colors wouldn’t work and she couldn’t sell makeup on the internet, Doe Deere believed in her vision, used her less-than-conventional methods and is now an inspirational success story.


She’s now a role model for other female entrepreneurs. She makes time to communicate with as many of them as possible and encourages them to do the hard work necessary to make their business dream a reality. Doe Deere tells them about the obstacles and opportunities of independent business and talks about turning imagination, ambition and big dreams into a viable business plan and following it. Doe Deere explains that having her husband and business partner Mark to collaborate with has helped her learn and grow. But believing in herself has been most important to her success. Learn more: http://limecrime.tumblr.com/


James Larkin | Passionate Activist and Trade Union Leader

James Larking was an Irish activist and accomplished labor organizer who started the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). He was born in January 1876 in Liverpool, London. His union ITGWU was the biggest in the region. However, it fell apart sometime after the Dublin Lockout.

After that, Larking moved to the United States of America in 1914 only to be deported nine years later. Larkin was an ardent Marxist who, upon his return to Ireland, continued his labor organizing activities into the 1940s. He died in Dublin, Ireland, on January 30, 1947, and was survived by his wife, Elizabeth Brown, and four sons.

Career Profile

James Larking was a passionate Irish labor leader who brought together workers thanks to his ideas and leadership. He had a humble upbringing while growing up in Liverpool’s slums. Moreover, he received little formal education but never allowed this to hinder his goals.

To supplement his meager family income, he held several different jobs in his youth. He eventually rose to become a foreman at the local docks. His experiences in informal employment coupled with his need to help his colleagues saw him join the NUDL (National Union of Dock Laborers). Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

His membership allowed him to interact with other union members and stirred a passion in him. By 1905, he left his job to organize trade union activities on a full-time basis.

James Larkin held militant strikes to demand the rights of union workers, which alarmed the NUDL leadership. Consequently, he was transferred to Dublin, Ireland, where he started the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union (ITGWU). The union’s goal was to bring together all Irish industrial workers, unskilled and skilled, under one umbrella.

Jim Larkin later led a series of strikes under his newly formed Irish Labour Party. The most notable strike held by the party was the famous Dublin Lockout organized in 1913. It lasted for almost eight months and involved over 100,000 workers. The strike ended only after the workers won the right to have fair employment.

During the start of World War One, Larkin staged anti-war demonstrations throughout Dublin. He later traveled to the United States of America to raise funds to fight his home country Britain.

His efforts angered the status quo and saw him arrested in 1920 under the allegation of communism and criminal anarchy. In 1923, he was pardoned and deported back to Ireland. Back home, he continued organizing worker’s unions.

Learn more about Jim Larkin:


Daniel Taub Role As A Diplomat

After four years of dedicated and gracious service as an Israel ambassador to the Court of St. James (London), Daniel Taub’s term proved that he was the most successful Israel envoy.

Daniel Taub is a 55-year-old multi-talented individual with several titles like a writer, lawyer, and the former Israel ambassador to the United Kingdom, until 2015.One of his written work is soap –opera aired on Tehelet, an Israel Television Channel. Currently, he serves as the Director of Strategy and Planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

Taub, who is considered as the father of all advocates, is an Israelite, born in Great Britain, studied law at University College in Oxford, and Harvard, and later moved to Israel in the 80s.This is when he started his unending service to his country (Israel) in the foreign ministry, defense forces, as a combat medic, and as a reserve officer. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

In the Foreign Ministry of Israel, he held legal and diplomatic positions for over 25 years and represented his country in international and diplomatic forums that laid a foundation for his grand role as an ambassador.

Under his diplomatic watch, Daniel Taub has made a lot of accomplishment, as far as the friendship and connections between Israel and UK are concerned, thanks to his persuasive and aggressive nature.

The strong ties that Daniel Taub has enhanced have led to a thriving trade that made a tremendous economic impact between the UK and Israel.

This was confirmed during the British Israel Business Awards, when the Secretary of State for Business in British confirmed that Taub has propelled the economy into a golden era, as Israel investors have ventured into the UK markets, increasing bilateral trade to over $ 6 billion.

Amidst all the challenges like the Middle East Crisis, Daniel Taub emerged as a true diplomat, who has gone against all odds in handling his task. This has led to the improvement of ties between the two nations in the education, business, and cultural sectors.

For instance, being a Jew and a Briton by birth, Taub tightened cultural faith by adopting programs like the Closer to Israel, and visited Bradford area in England,which was declared an Israel-free-zone.

Additionally, he was at the forefront of the peace talks between Israel and Palestine, a peace process that led to the existing peace agreements. This has seen him become one of the highly regarded diplomats in the diplomatic circles.

Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire Advice for 2017.

Browsing the Fantasy Alarm can lead you to a host of new players to add to your fantasy MLB lineups that you never would have thought of before. Baseball is, without a doubt, one of the deepest sports in the world. So keeping track of your roster and maximizing your talent can be difficult to do without a little bit of outside help. Don’t worry, we are going to be your outside help for this one. Let’s go down to the waiver wire and pan for gold and see which guys are still available to make or break your roster.


Start ‘Em

Jose Urena, SP – Miami Marlins

Due to a slow start to the season Jose Urena has gone dangerously under-owned. Maxing out at around 40%, this young hurler can put together as good of a game as anyone in the league. Urena has great mechanics, three different pitches, and the ability to light up the radar gun. Add him and enjoy the home stretch.


Ben Gamel, OF – Seattle Mariners

Look to Seattle for offense and you’ll find it everywhere in the top 5 batters in the line up. Gamel has been our favorite surprise this season as he is a run scoring machine that can hit for .300 while moving around the basepaths. Outfield is a crowded position on most rosters but you can throw him straight into your line up.


Stash ‘Em

Kennys Vargas, DH – Minnesota Twins

Vargas has 30 home run power when he gets consistent work in the line up. If Miguel Sano goes down or if the DH spot opens up then Vargas is an every day option at 1B/DH.


Jorge Soler, OF – Kansas City Royals

Soler has struggled since leaving Chicago but he is still a 5-tool player with generational power at the plate. A late season call up could spark a huge end of the year for Soler.

The Incredible Life and Career of Dr. Jennifer Walden

In an industry that is male dominated, Dr. Jennifer Walden has found her way to the top. Dr. Jennifer is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Her area of specialty is cosmetic Surgery which she is well trained in. For the past eight years, her location of plastic surgery practice has been in New York City until recently when she decided to relocate to Austin. Her decision was influenced by the love she has for her twin boys. She felt it was better if the two adorable children were to be raised near her family and read full article.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a registered member of various organizations that are in line with her work including the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, American College of Surgeons, as well as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is the current vice chairperson of communication at the American Society of Surgeons. She is also a member of the board in this very organization. Before moving out of New York, Jennifer Walden was offering her services at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat as well as at Lexon Hill Hospital. The New York University Langone Medical Center had also bestowed on her the responsibility of being an instructor in plastic surgery and Walden on Facebook.


In Austin, Dr. Walden operates her business known as the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center that has fully accredited offices at the Westlake Medical Center. She recently opened a satellite cosmetic clinic in hill county memorial hospital in Marble Falls. Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Texas. She attended the University of Texas where she earned her bachelor degree of arts in Biology. Dr. Jennifer Walden later went to the Texas medical branch from where she received her medical doctorate. She passed with the highest honors and graduated as a Salutatorian. She also did an externship in a plastic surgery associated with Miami and what Dr. Walden knows.

More Visit: https://yourbeautycraze.com/dr-jennifer-walden-offers-new-look-cosmetic-surgery/

The Outstanding Political And Business Careers Of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has always pushed for reforms in the American education system. For over three decades, she has been actively involved in the agitation for a policy change in the education sector. Due to her work that speaks for itself in the area of education, President Donald Trump decided that she was the most suitable candidate for the post of secretary of Education in his administration.


The news of her confirmation as the Secretary of Education in Trump’s government was received with a lot of excitement in various circles. Her new job has enabled her to create an even bigger impact in the education sector of the United States.

Not only is Betsy DeVos committed to the betterment of education in the US, but she has also done a lot of good work in the sector of philanthropy. Her philanthropic contributions have always been made in support of communities and children who are disadvantaged by a bias social and education system. So far Betsy DeVos alongside her husband Dick DeVos has contributed millions of dollars towards initiatives in the education sector.


The nomination of Betsy DeVos to the cabinet did not come as a surprise to many. Many would agree that she was the best candidate for the job had done a lot for the community on matters education. It’s almost consensual that she needed a bigger platform for her to be able to implement far reaching plans and strategies for the betterment of education in the United States.

In a recent interview, Betsy revealed that together with her husband, they were passionate about matters of education. They lifetime objective has always been to provide parents who are marginalized an opportunity to see their children prosper in school just as those from wealthy backgrounds.


Before landing her new job in the Trump administration, Betsy DeVos was leading an organization called the American Federation Children as its chairman. The advocacy group agitates for the Choice Schools concept in the American Curriculum. AFC has impacted on the lives of many children by enabling them to be enrolled in their schools of choice. A good example of a choice school that Betsy and her husband have played a significant part in establishing is the Aviation Academy.


Betsy DeVos also holds a membership position in the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Betsy is an icon in the economic and political space. She has played a significant role in nurturing of the American children.


Betsy also serves as the chairperson of her family foundation, Betsy and Dick DeVos Foundation. Through the charity, the couple has succeeded in helping a lot of students and communities. Betsy and Dick have also devoted a lot of their fortune to the right courses such as medical research and evangelical missions.


Visit http://www.betsydevos.com/ to learn more about Betsy DeVos.